To whom it may concern ; Hopefully you can help me with the horrible situation I am in. At the current moment I am the proud owner of 2 cats ( Levi and Oreo). The veterinarian estimates Oreo is about 1 1/2yrs old and Levi is about 5 1/2. Oreo is a bundle of joy and wants to play 24/7 but Levi is not going for that and it is creating problems and causing stress for Levi. I am only willing to bri...
He was an outdoor cat and my mother would feed him everyday. She decided to put him in the house, but his presence would stress out and frighten our other cats.
Adopt Callie a Calico or Dilute Calico Calico / Mixed cat in Simi Valley, CA (19207263) great with cats, great with dogs, great with children, spayed/neutered
Adopt Amber a Tortoiseshell Domestic Short hair / Mixed cat in Simi Valley, CA (19207277) nice with cats, nice with dogs, nice with children
Jackie is a shy and mellow cat. She likes to lounge around in on spot and doesn't play that much. However, she is an avid lap-sitter and likes when she is pet all over.
Phoenix is a social, playful, and possesses the typical curiosity of a kitten. He prefers to be approached rather than initiate play.
Hey I'm Milla! I'm an adorably playful gal with many colors. I just love getting attention, playing with toys, and lounging with my friends. I'm still growing so my personality is a sponge looking for guidance. Come meet me at Adopt&Shop, we can spend some time sharing our thoughts and feelings!
Hi I'm Rue! I'm cute as a button and need a forever home. I'm wonderful, adaptable and am just looking for someone to love. Come meet with me at Adopt&Shop, I'll be the 1 with endearing eyes waiting to meet you!
Hey there I'm Urpy! I'm a funny little gal who ready for the big world. I'm still growing so I'm looking for someone who can mold me into a nice kitty. Does that sound like you? Are you a good mind shaper? If so, come meet me at Adopt&Shop, we can run around a room getting to know each other!
Hey I'm Elvira! I'm a unique orange and white cat which makes me extra special and lucky. I'm a pretty loving and endearing girl who likes to spend my time gazing into sunsets. Think we're a match? Come chat with me at Adopt&Shop!
Hi, I'm Urie! I'm a very cool cat. I'm quite the talker and like to spill the cheese by the water can. I'm ready to make my mark on the world! Are you ready to help me? Come meet with me at Adopt&Shop, I'd love to spend some time hanging out before you take me home!
Hey there the name's Yeller! I'm a country cat who love's good food, good music and good conversation. I'd love to run through grassy lands and explore the nice outdoors. However I am perfectly happy living in a loving home with lots of windows to sunbathe on and watch the world go by. Let's meet at Adopt&Shop, we can get to know 1 another!
Hi there the name is Interpol! Do you need those pesky little things that happen to you daily solved? Look no further I'm the investigative kitty! When you think you lost your keys, I will be there to help you find them. No 1 would think I'm up to solving mysteries because I'm so darn precious but I've got a love for this stuff. Come meet with me at Adopt&Shop, we can discuss my favorite activi...
Hi I'm Elmer! I'm an energetic and exploring cat. I've got some cool moves and piercing eyes. Some say my looks are like those of a model. Can I be the glue that holds our family together? Let's meet, you can find me at Adopt&Shop!
Heyo I'm Yucca! I'm a soulful cat who's gets lost in the night's stars. I am an inquisitive cat who loves pondering life's greatest wonders. If you need someone who can challenge you to think big, I'm your man! Let's start our deep connection by meeting in person. You can find me at Adopt&Shop!
Hey there I'm Yippi! I'm a spunky cat with a lot to say! I've got a lot of growing up to do but with the right person, positive influence, and love I think I'd be a happy addition to your home. If you want some positive energy and light, I'm your guy! Yippi! Come meet me at Adopt&Shop!
Hey I'm Incubus! I'm a cat with a lot of swag! I'm pretty cool not to brag but I've got terrific looks and a fun personality. I think we'd get along swell so come on down to Adopt&Shop and meet with me. Don't you want to add a little bit of swag to your life?
Hey I'm Malton! I'm a very expressive guy. My looks say it all. I'm pretty chill but I do like to have my fun! I'm ready to break out of this cool place and start a new life. Can you help make that happen? Let's start off by meeting each other and seeing if we are a nice fit. I'm at Adopt&Shop!
Hi I'm Ice Cube! They call me ice because I'm so calm, cool, and collected. I never melt when it comes to pressure! I'm also known to throw down some sick beats. You have to come meet me in person at Adopt&Shop if you want to hear them! I think I'd be a good addition to your home so come on, let's have a meet!
Hey there I'm Ravi! I'm an adventurous guy who like's things on the wild side. Don't let that scare you I keep myself tamed but I do love a great adrenaline activity. Are you ready to add a little dare devil to your posse? Come meet with me at Adopt&Shop, we can get to know each other!
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